Getting Your Ideal Cleavage With Breast Augmentation

Every woman enjoys feeling confident in her body, and one way to achieve self-confidence is through breast augmentation surgery. When combined with a breast lift, it can restore youthful contours. While considering these breast procedures, women usually aim for better cleavage. The perfect amount of cleavage is subjective, though. While for some women, this may mean that your breasts are closer together, for others it might mean that they should be wider apart. Regardless, cleavage is an essential aesthetic sign of a successful augmentation. If you are still in the initial stages of your augmentation consultation, it’s important to consider certain factors about your results with your plastic surgeon.

What is cleavage?

Cleavage is not just your cup size, but actually refers to the closeness of your breasts. Cleavage that is farther apart can create a more elegant, natural look.  When cleavage is close, women feel sexier and clothes may fit more flatteringly as well. One factor that determines cleavage is how your pectoralis muscles come together in the midline. When you undergo augmentation, the volume of the implant could lead to a slight narrowing of the gap between your breasts. However, unless you let your surgeon know that you wish to enhance your cleavage during the consultation, the narrowing of the gap between your breasts may be too negligible.

How does my plastic surgeon create my ideal cleavage?

There are certain factors that your plastic surgeon will consider before your augmentation, including the laxity of your skin, the distance between your breasts, and the amount of tissue you have. Depending on these measurements and the amount of tissue between your breasts, the implant placement pocket is created or adjusted such that it either brings your breasts together or puts them farther apart.

The choice of implants, whether silicone or saline as well as their profile and width, determines the technique for your surgery so that the right cleavage is created. Your cleavage can be enhanced when you choose the right kind of breast implant. Usually, a round-shaped implant will narrow the gap more than a teardrop-shaped implant. This is because the base of the round implant is wider. Tear drop shaped implants are also textured and our surgeons do not recommend textured implants.

How does breast augmentation help me achieve cleavage?

There is no general rule where cleavage is concerned, but it can be achieved based on your preferences, your torso, and chest proportions and measurements. If you feel your cleavage is too wide, your breasts can be brought closer together with augmentation. If you think your breasts are too close together, your surgeon can use a different technique to create more separation.

Implant placement affects your cleavage

During your consultation, you will decide where your breast implants will be placed during the procedure. Your implants are often closer together and give you better cleavage when they are placed over your chest muscle. However, in very thin patients, you may experience rippling and sagging. Your implants will have the best coverage (less rippling) when they are placed under the chest muscle.  However, when placing implants under the muscle, the gap between your breasts cannot be narrowed and you may experience issues with muscle use over time.  Above or below the muscle is an important issue to discuss during your consultation.  Our surgeons want to get to know you, your lifestyle and your activities to help optimize not just your cleavage, but also your long term results and satisfaction.

Getting your desired cleavage after augmentation

If you’ve already undergone augmentation and still feel that you don’t have the cleavage you hoped for, you have some options. You can opt for revisional surgery to reposition the implant pocket or opt for fat grafting. When your cleavage is narrow and breasts are too close, the implant pockets can be repositioned. In some cases, your plastic surgeon may have to use surgical tissue to maintain the gap between your breasts and preserve your desired cleavage.

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