Patient #2010 Facelift + Fat Grafting + Blepharoplasty


Facelift and Neck Lift 3093

This 61 year-old Scottsdale resident came to my Scottsdale Arizona plastic surgery practice wanting a natural facial rejuvenation. She was unhappy always looking tired and stern. She wanted a refreshed, un-operated look with minmal downtime. I recommended a facelift/necklift to improve the neck and jowls. I recommended and endoscopic mid-face lift to best lift the […]

Facelift and Neck Lift 3107

69 year-old woman presented to my North Scottsdale practice wanting a tighter neck. She had always had a loose, hanging neck. I recommended a facelift, with necklift including neck liposuction, platysmaplasty. I also recommended a small chin implant to help fill out her jowls and give better chin and jawline definition. She is shown her […]

Facelift and Neck Lift 3149

This 53 year old woman presented to my Scottsdale office wanting facial rejuvenation. In particular she was unhappy with the sagging skin of her neck and jowls, as well as the cheek and brow area. I suggested a comprehensive approach to give her the best overall, long-lasting, most natural results. She under went facelift, neck […]