Unicorn Philanthropy

Unicorn Philanthropy

Changing the World, One Wish at a Time

Unicorn Philanthropy was started by Drs. Bryan Gawley and Heather St.Peter and built around the idea of improving people’s lives and empowering others to do the same.

What does the Unicorn represent?

Unicorns are considered virtuous and it is believed they appear only to those with pure hearts or those on a mission for good. Unicorns grant wishes and carry qualities of love, peace, serenity, gentleness, hope, majesty and kindness. Unicorns work at the soul level by helping to fulfill life’s purpose.

Legend has it that Unicorns appear to serve those on a mission for good. When an individual is motivated by a great desire to help the community and make it a better place, the individual’s inner light shines brightly to the spirits. Those with a vision beyond themselves are touched by the Unicorn energy which guides them throughout their endeavors.

Mission Statement

By embracing the spirit of the Unicorn, we hope to improve people’s lives one wish at a time and empower others to do the same. Through compassion and collaboration with our philanthropic partners, we strive to make an impact in our local and global communities.

Our founders are passionate about education and medicine. We have specific focus on helping support and grow local charities who have the same commitment and philosophy.

To help grant wishes and open doors for those with gratitude, joy, and integrity, contact us at wishes@unicornphilanthrophy.com