10 Reasons To Get Breast Implants After 50

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Breast implants are among the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed today. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that many women above 55 years of age had implants placed. Of course, all these patients had different reasons as to why they made that decision, but most women choose implants to improve their figure and self-confidence.

If you are in your 50’s or older and are interested in improving the look of your breasts, Gawley Plastic Surgery has an experienced team to help you feel more youthful. Here are several reasons why women often choose breast implants in their 50’s.

1. To boost self-esteem

Women who are not satisfied with how they look experience an increase in self-confidence when they choose to undergo a breast implant procedure.

In addition to natural signs of aging, accidents or lumpectomies may have caused changes to the appearance of your breasts. Making the decision to get breast implants can help you regain your confidence at this stage in life.

2. Correcting weight loss

Some women may feel that their breasts are not full enough or have lost their shape due to weight loss. Losing weight can have a positive impact on your overall health and body image. However, once you achieve your weight goal you may find that you have lost weight in places you didn’t want to. If your breasts have lost volume, implants can help redefine your figure back to its desired shape.

3. Getting a youthful figure

As you get older, you may start to feel down about the negative side effects of aging. Breast implants can give you an improved figure and make you look and feel younger.

4. Great results

Apart from silicone and saline implants, professional cosmetic surgeons can also transfer fats from your body where necessary. These experts can carry out a combination of augmentation and breast lifts that can create even better results for those above 50.

5. Fewer complications

Although implants are durable, younger women will require implant replacement in the future. Most patients enjoy the best result in the first ten years of their breast surgery. Since the implants are long lasting, there is less concern about the need to replace the implants multiple times throughout your lifetime.

The team at Gawley Plastic Surgery will require the occasional follow-up appointment to ensure that there are no complications or problems with the implants that require replacement.

6. Financial stability

Insurance does not pay for breast implants. However, as you get older, you probably have more financial resources and saving than you did when you were younger.

It’s possible that your children might be out of college at this age, so you have less financial responsibility. This means you can spend your money how you’d like without having to worry about other financial burdens.

7. Life investment

Breast implants will last for years, so this is an investment in yourself that will be well worth it in the long run. The procedure can help you stay confident about your body as you age.

8. Feeling better in clothes

Breast implants can enhance how you feel about yourself in clothing. Often times, clothing may not fit as well as it could with a smaller bust line. Better looking outfits may not be the best reason to choose implants, but in addition to other factors they can really boost your quality of life.

9. Knowing what you want

As we age and mature, we often find that we have more time and resources to focus on ourselves. Many women feel this is the perfect time to make decisions to improve their figure. Breast implants are a great choice for these patients.

10. The right time to put yourself as the center of attention

Now is a great time to make the decision for yourself to get the figure you have always desired.

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