Four Tips for a Healthy Recovery After a Breast Augmentation

When you choose a board-certified and experienced surgeon for your breast augmentation surgery, you can help ensure a quick and smooth recovery period. Most women even return to their work and normal routine within 3 to 5 days. You will get detailed aftercare instructions from your surgeon and it is imperative that you follow them well. However, your recovery will be much easier depending on several factors, the most important being your preparedness for the recovery period. Here are 4 tips for a healthy recovery after your breast augmentation:

Ensure you have help

Even though the recovery from augmentation can be easier than other procedures, you must remember that it is still a major surgical procedure. It is common to feel very tired and sore for the first few days after your surgery. For the first 6 weeks, you will be asked not to lift, push, or pull anything over 5 lbs. This includes picking up children under 10 pounds, so planning for childcare during this time is important. You must also avoid driving while taking any prescription medicines. Most surgeons will recommend that you have help with household chores and with pets and kids for the first 2 to 3 days.

Adequate pain management is important

You will also experience mild to moderate discomfort right after your breast augmentation surgery. For some, this might be tightness and pressure across the chest. Your surgeon will give you prescription medication to control the pain to make your early recovery period comfortable. However, most women only feel slight discomfort and only require over the counter pain control. You must fill your doctor’s prescription the day before you go for your breast augmentation. This will ensure that when you come back from your surgery, you have pain control and anti-nausea medication readily available when needed.

Get enough sleep and rest

It is obvious that you need enough rest after your augmentation surgery, but it is not easy for some. Ensure that you have a quiet room to yourself and a comfortable bed that you can rest in for the first few days. Keep a few pillows handy so that you can keep propped up at a comfortable angle while lying down. You will be asked to begin walking immediately after your surgery as you regain your strength. This is important to prevent the development of blood clots during this time. Listening to your surgeon’s instructions, asking questions, and listening to your body are all best practices during your recovery.

Stock up on light and healthy foods and stay well hydrated

Before the day of your augmentation surgery, head out to get some easy to prepare light meals and make sure you will have access to enough water. Stock up your fridge with foods like soups and Jell-O that do not require much preparation and can be easily consumed. The first day post your surgery, you may be nauseous due to the anesthesia and may not have much of an appetite, the best meals at this time will be soft and light foods. Your food choices should be a healthy variety that offer energy and strength while your body is healing. It is easy to get dehydrated during this time and it is essential to drink plenty of water.

When you are well informed about the recovery period beforehand, your recovery will go much more smoothly. A good recovery ensures you heal well, your body recuperates healthily, and you achieve the intended results. Taking good care of yourself during the recovery period will ensure no complications arise and you can soon enjoy your new breasts.

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