Myths About Breast Reconstruction, Debunked

Myths About Breast Reconstruction, Debunked

With celebrities like Angelina Jolie under the spotlight due to her openness about breast reconstruction surgery, many people are discussing the procedure today. However, not everyone seems to be clear on the specifics of breast reconstruction. Read on to learn about popular breast reconstruction myths, and the truth that lies behind them.

Myth: Patients need to undergo a separate breast reconstruction surgery following mastectomy.

Truth: Today, there is an option known as immediate breast reconstruction, which allows reconstruction to take place immediately following mastectomy, during the same surgery. This option is often best for women with early breast cancer (stages one or two). During this option, breast implants can be inserted directly following mastectomy, so patients can return home with fully reconstructed breasts.

Myth: Patients who have had or are undergoing radiation should not undergo breast reconstruction.

Truth: Breast reconstruction is always an option, even to those who are undergoing radiation treatments. These patients are often good candidates for flap-based reconstruction due to the possible complications that can occur with implants and radiation. When it comes to reconstruction, most surgeons will wait until after radiation and the mastectomy have been completed.

Myth: Breast reconstruction can only be done with breast implants.

Truth: There are many breast reconstruction options available today, and not all of them involve breast implants. Breast reconstruction using flap techniques uses the patient’s own tissue from other areas of the body, like the tummy or buttock, to recreate the breasts. Flap techniques also allow patients to forego the care associated with implants, and the worry that implants may fail.

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