Implant Size and Cup Size

While breast augmentation will certainly change your cup size, cup size itself is a poor way to determine the correct implant volume. Bra sizes are inconsistent. A “C- cup”at one store can easily be a “B” or even “D-cup” at another. Due to this, Arizona breast augmentation surgeons, will pay less attention to what cup size you hope to achieve and much more to bringing your breasts into ideal proportions with the rest of your frame.

Natural Looking Results

The best breast enlargement options are those which provide you with natural looking results. Our board-certified breast augmentation surgeons will fully assess your frame, paying close attention to the natural contours of your body along with the current size, shape, and position of your breasts, and determine what size breast implant is most suited to your unique body.

You can help in this determination by providing your surgeon with pictures of breasts you find attractive. During your initial consultation, showing these pictures to your surgeon will give him a better idea of what you hope to achieve. From there, he can help you determine what size implant will give you the look you most desire.

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