What to Expect After a Tummy Tuck

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A tummy tuck is one of the more intensive plastic surgery procedures Gawley Plastic Surgery surgeons perform. During this procedure, excess skin and fat is removed from the abdomen area, and the underlying stomach muscles are tightened.

Since this procedure requires skin to be removed, and muscles to be surgically tightened, recovering from this procedure can take time. Potential tummy tuck candidates should expect to rest in bed for at least a couple days immediately following surgery. During this time, a special undergarment may be prescribed to help prevent swelling and improve recovery.

Tummy Tuck


After the first few days, you will be able to resume light, everyday activities, but you will need to avoid swimming or baths. Light exercise will help reduce swill and promote recover from tummy tuck once you feel you are ready to move around that much.

One of the biggest misconceptions we have to correct at our Phoenix, Arizona cosmetic surgery office is that cosmetic surgery doesn’t leave any scars. Invasive plastic surgeries like tummy tucks remove excess skin, and during the healing process, a scar will almost always develop.

Fortunately, our surgeons will make sure that your scar will be as concealed as possible. Over time, the scar from your tummy tuck will flatten and become lighter. If you have been considering tummy tuck surgery, please contact one of our Phoenix, Scottsdale area cosmetic surgeons today to schedule an initial consultation.