Exercise with Breast Implants

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Exercise is one of the best ways to achieve a sculpted, toned body. Many women find breast augmentation a perfect starting point for beginning a more strenuous exercise routine to help ensure a healthy and attractive overall physique. There is no reason your breast implants should interfere with exercise. However, there are certain things to keep in mind prior to beginning a new exercise routine following breast augmentation.

Exercise Considerations Following Breast Augmentation

Depending on your breast implant placement, you may need to modify your exercise routine to ensure long-lasting results. If you are a weightlifter or plan on body building after breast augmentation, placement of the implants above the chest muscles may be your best option. If you plan on an exercise routine that does not include body building, submuscular, or below the muscle placement may be better.

In fact, submuscular placement is more conducive to exercise in many instances. When implants are placed below the muscle, the muscle itself supports the implant and helps guard against aesthetic imperfections and physical problems such as soreness in the chest and neck.

No single placement option is ideal for every patient. During your initial consultation with one of our Phoenix breast augmentation surgeons, your lifestyle and future plans will be taken into account and the breast implant placement best for your activities will be determined.

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