3 Ways to Prepare for Surgery

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Before a cosmetic procedure, patients should take important steps to prepare for their surgery. Patients can minimize surgical risks, recovery time, and other complications by preparing with exercise, hydration and healthy habits. In Scottsdale, Arizona, patients may take these following steps to prepare for a procedure:

1. Exercise

It is important for patients to maintain a healthy body (both mentally and physically) through exercise before a medical procedure. Surgical procedures can cause some stress to the body, but exercise can help the body accommodate those stresses more effectively. Patients can experience a surgery with less risks and complications if they are in good overall health.

2. Hydrate

Drinking sufficient fluids is also important for patients before surgery. H20 is the way to go – surgery may cause patients to lose some of their body’s natural moisture, but hydration can lessen this effect as well as aid in the recovery process. Patients should consult with their doctor about drinking sufficient water before surgery.

3. Health Habits

In combination with exercise and hydration, a healthy diet is also important before surgery. Certain diets can offer health benefits both before and after surgery. Eating healthy food, and avoiding poor choices is one way patients can improve a surgical experience. Patients should also avoid smoking, excessive drinking, and other habits a few weeks before a procedure.

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Gawley Plastic Surgery and MDSkin® Spa offer patients different cosmetic procedures. Patients can take important lifestyle steps, even before a procedure, to begin their cosmetic journey.  Our surgeons can also offer patients additional suggestions during a consultation. Preparation is one of the many ways patients can make the most of their surgery.

In regards to procedures, consultations, and preparing for your surgery, patients can contact Gawley Plastic Surgery MD by calling 480-696-6361 with questions and other information.