What to Know About Nipple Reduction Surgery

What to Know About Nipple Reduction Surgery

Women have breasts with nipples of different sizes and shapes. The difference may make some people unhappy with the way their breasts look.

For some, genetics may be the root cause of the development of their big nipples. However, aging, pregnancy, and weight gain can all make your nipples stretch and look bigger. Regardless of what makes your nipples large, the good news is that there is a surgical process intended to reduce the size of your nipples. At Gawley Plastic Surgery, we provide breast reduction surgery tailored to meet your nipple reduction needs. Our team of plastic surgeons: Dr. Jennifer A. Geoghegan, Dr. Bryan Gawley, and other medical experts are ready to listen to your needs and give you a medical procedure that can improve the look of your breasts to make them look more proportionate. So what is nipple reduction, and what benefits does it have for women?

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Nipple reduction is a cosmetic procedure intended to reduce the size of your nipple. The procedure is mostly requested by people who feel embarrassed by either the size or shape of their nipples. At Gawley Plastic Surgery, our many years of combined experience in the breast reduction industry, and the latest medical facilities we have today play a crucial role in ensuring a successful nipple reduction surgery to achieve your desired proportions.

Cost of Nipple Reduction in Scottsdale, AZ

The cost of this form of surgery may vary, and the price you pay is determined by the various factors your surgeon will put in place during the procedure. If you want to combine nipple reduction with a breast reduction, lift, or augmentation, the price you pay will be higher.

Why You May Want a Nipple Reduction Surgery

The goal of nipple reduction surgery is primarily to reduce the diameter or projection of the nipple.

If you desire to get a thinner nipple, your surgeon will remove a pie-shaped wedge from the inner side of your nipple to help you get a shorter nipple.

Bigger breasts can translate to larger nipples, and this can change the look of your upper body. A nipple reduction surgery can help you achieve well-shaped breasts, improving the general proportions of your body.

Nipple Reduction Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ You Can Count On

If you are in Scottsdale, AZ, and interested in nipple reduction surgery, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Gawley Plastic Surgery. We will perform a surgery that is tailored to meet your personal needs, and make sure you are satisfied and happy with the outcomes of the procedure. To get any information you may need about nipple reduction surgery, contact us now, or fill out our online form and we will handle your queries with the professionalism you deserve. Our board-certified professional plastic surgeons, Dr. Jennifer A. Geoghegan and Dr. Bryan Gawley, look forward to handling all your needs efficiently and effectively.