What is “En-Bloc” Implant Removal and Total Capsulecotmy?

With the recent “recall” of textured breast implants and the increased awareness of breast implant illness (BII), there has been a surge of interest in the En-Bloc procedure. When removing a breast implant, there are two techniques that can be used: a total capsulectomy or an En-Bloc removal.

Two types of breast implant removal

A total capsulectomy is when the implant and all of the capsule around the implant are removed separately. Typically, the implant is removed and then the capsule that surrounded the implant is removed.

The En-Bloc procedure is performed by carefully removing the capsule and the implant together as a single piece, thereby minimizing contamination at the time of removal. This technique ensures a more complete removal of all the tissue and material relating to the breast implants. We have videos of this procedure on our website. While the videos are in the operating room and graphic in nature, it will allow you to easily see how the En-Bloc procedure works. The surgeons at Gawley Plastic Surgery are experts in this technique.

What is a Capsule?

A capsule is scar tissue that surrounds your breast implant and is your body’s normal response to a foreign object. It forms in the first few weeks after an implant is inserted and typically remains soft and supple. It can become firm or even firm and painful in the form of a capsular contracture. Drs. Gawley and Mahabir are experts in both minimizing the risk of this complication and treating it when it unfortunately occurs.

Are breast implants safe?

We understand our patients’ worries about breast implant health. However, understand that complications with breast implants are not the norm, and that Drs. Gawley and Mahabir are well prepared to address any problems should they occur. The doctors at Gawley Plastic Surgery are trained and experienced in the best techniques to remove breast implants effectively and safely.

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