How Long Can Breast Implants Last?

How Long Can Breast Implants Last?

Breast augmentation is currently the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S. to date, and demand doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. With a growing interest in a procedure often comes more questions. One of the most commonly asked questions is “how long will my breast implants last?” Read on for the answer, as well as some additional info on breast implants.

The Lifespan of Breast Implants

While breast implants are created to be long-lasting, they are not considered life-long devices. Today, implants are much stronger than those of the past, and they can last more than a decade.

However, breast implants still have the chance of rupture, no matter the age of the implants. Saline implants that rupture will deflate, causing a noticeable change in the size and shape of your breast. Silicone implants, however, do not show any physical signs of rupture, which is where the term “silent rupture” comes from. The most noticeable signs of a silicone rupture are a change in sensation in the area or the formation of small lumps. However, some women see no signs at all. This is why it is recommended that women with silicone implants receive an MRI three years after their surgery, and every two years after that.

Continue Your Surgeon-Patient Relationship

Patients should also be aware that, just because they have implants, their breasts will not stop aging along with the rest of their body. Breasts can change shape and even size throughout our lifetimes, and changes in implants may need to be made to accommodate these changes. Keeping up a relationship with your board certified plastic surgeon can help you prepare for any implant replacement procedures that are needed in the future.

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