A Quick Guide to Breast Reconstruction Options

A Quick Guide to Breast Reconstruction Options

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we have put together a mini guide regarding available breast reconstruction options. Breast reconstruction is an option for men or women who have undergone a mastectomy or for those who have tested positive for a gene mutation (like the BRCA gene) as a preventative measure. Read on to learn about the different breast reconstruction options and what should be taken into consideration before surgery.

Breast Reconstruction Options

When it comes to breast reconstruction, there are three options to choose from, including reconstruction using implants, reconstruction using your own tissue (autologous reconstruction), or reconstruction using a combination of implants and autologous tissue.

Those who choose to undergo breast reconstruction should research all of their options, as there may be a reconstruction technique that is a better fit over another. A consultation with a board certified breast reconstruction surgeon can help guide you through the available options and determine which technique is best for you.

Things to Take into Consideration

When it comes to breast reconstruction, there are many issues that patients face when choosing their preferred reconstruction option. Things to take into consideration include:

  • Your overall health and stage of breast cancer. Advanced breast cancer requires adjuvant therapy before reconstruction, and radiation can also delay reconstruction. Treating your breast cancer should be your first priority, so reconstruction may sit on the backburner for a bit.
  • Visibility and location of scars. Individuals should be aware of their scar location, which depends on many factors such as nipple preservation, type of reconstruction, and timing of reconstruction.
  • Time off work. Women will need to consider 4-6 weeks off from work for recovery, depending on the reconstruction technique they choose. Time off may vary for men and for each stage of reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction surgery can involve more than one procedure, which is why patients should take each facet of surgery into consideration. If you are interested in learning more about breast reconstruction in the Scottsdale area, contact Gawley Plastic Surgery today at 480-696-6361.