Top 6 Hottest Plastic Surgery Trends

Top 6 Hottest Plastic Surgery Trends

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s annual report showed a huge surplus in cosmetic enhancements in 2015. Surgical procedures are up 7 percent, while non-surgical, or non-invasive procedures are up a whopping 22 percent, equating to nearly 13 million treatments performed. However, unlike previous years of obvious, life-changing surgical outcomes, the biggest trend in plastic surgery is a subtle improvement.

It is all about getting work done that doesn’t look like you’ve undergone a procedure at all. Plastic surgery has moved beyond just boob and nose jobs to patients focusing on natural-looking results. Here are the top 6 hottest plastic surgery trends, with the “natural” results kept in mind.

Natural Fat Transfers

Fat transfer refers to a procedure where unwanted fat is removed from less-desirable areas, such as the tummy or thighs with a gentle form of liposuction. This fat is then purified and injected back into more desirable areas, such as your butt, breasts, lips, or hollow areas of your face. Since this procedure doesn’t use any chemicals or synthetic materials, it is a safe and natural way to subtly improve cosmetic concerns.


From Botox to Juvéderm, injection treatments were the second hottest trend to add volume or soften wrinkles and folds with a quick, non-invasive method. These treatments only last up to 30 minutes and require no downtime, which is excellent for today’s hectic lifestyle.

Buttock Augmentations

The Kardashian trends still play a key role in plastic surgery with butt lifts and butt implants placed as the third hottest trend. Round, voluptuous buttocks are more admirable than ever.

Skin Tightening

Signs of aging can include stretched out or flabby skin in the neck or chin area. Non-invasive skin tightening treatments help get refined results of a face or neck lift, without undergoing a surgical procedure.

Tattoo Removal

Ever get a tattoo that you ended up regretting? Well, tattoo removal is a trend that won’t go away, as more people want a more natural, pure appearance. Or they just want that awful tattoo removed for good!


As always, liposuction still makes the top of the list, showing that most individuals just desire less fat and a more contoured body figure. With advancements in technology, liposuction has become easier and quicker than ever.