6 Must-Know Tips for Glowing Skin

6 Must-Know Tips for Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is something we all desire. At Gawley Plastic Surgery, we compiled a quick list of the six best tips to achieve flawless skin.

1. Replace that second cup of coffee

It is indeed true – your skin is what you eat. It would be good to replace that afternoon cup of coffee for a glass of juice rich in nutrients. A green juice every day is bound to show its magic on your skin within a few days by allowing your skin to breathe (oxygenate) and also promote natural de-puffing of your skin.

2. The wonders of Omega-3

This is a wonderful fatty acid, which makes a natural barrier on your skin, protecting it from the sun, pollution and loss of moisture. Some foods rich in Omega-3 are walnuts and flax seeds that are easy to add to your salads or munch on as a snack.

3. Skin rejuvenation

You can certainly follow a healthy skin regimen at home, but a facial or chemical peel at Gawley Plastic Surgery can help with extraction and exfoliation to make your skin glow.

4. Chlorophyll/ Neroli oil

These ingredients in your food can help stimulate better circulation, which boosts your glowing skin.

5. Exfoliation

It is absolutely necessary that you exfoliate. If you avoid this crucial skin care regime, none of those carefully bought skin care products can penetrate your skin to work their magic!

6. Use natural products

Natural products including instant glow serums are best absorbed by the skin when they are natural products.

Who doesn’t love to achieve that glowing skin?

With these simple diet and skin care tips, you will finally get that healthy glow. For more information on skin rejuvenation options at Gawley Plastic Surgery please contact us at 480-696-6361.