What Can I Expect From My Breast Augmentation Recovery?

What Can I Expect From My Breast Augmentation Recovery?

While the most exciting part of your breast augmentation procedure is seeing the final results revealed, a healthy recovery is critical to ensuring you achieve the look you want, so it’s important to heed your surgeon’s recommendations and not to try to rush the process.

Because our Arizona plastic surgeons performs each breast augmentation procedure with specific considerations for your individual needs, the recovery process for each patient varies, but generally you should be able to resume normal activities after about 1 week. During the first week however, you should plan on completely relaxing and resting your body.

Before your procedure date, our surgeons will provide you with extensive information to help you prepare for the recovery process. This will not only include detailed instructions for being ready for your immediate recovery phase, but will also provide tips for preparation in the days and weeks prior to surgery.

To address additional breast augmentation questions or to find out more about what to expect after a breast augmentation, you can speak with one of our board certified plastic surgeons during your personal consultation.

It is important to remember that although your recovery process may be relatively short, you should really expect to enjoy the final results of your breast augmentation between 1 and 3 months time.

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