Live an Active Lifestyle After Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can be life-changing procedure for Phoenix women, but one aspect of your life that shouldn’t be affected is your level of physical activity. Even if you are highly athletic, you should be able to enjoy all of your favorite activities with the right breast augmentation procedure.

For particularly athletic women, it might be best to consult with one of our surgeons to find out how breast augmentation will impact your lifestyle.  Our Phoenix plastic surgeons can assess your needs and help you determine which breast implant options are right for you.

Depending on your level of physical activity, you will need to give careful consideration to the size of your implants. If you engage in extreme physical activity, you may want to choose a less significant increase in your breast size to avoid future problems. While the implants themselves should not hinder your lifestyle, size-related issues like back-pain may change how regularly you will feel comfortable participating in rigorous physical activity.

As with many surgical procedures, your physical activity will be limited throughout the course the healing process. Typically, you will be limited to very light activity during the immediate recovery stage, however the good news is that exercising can actually facilitate the healing process.

Our surgeons will go over the specific time-frame for your recovery and answer any other breast augmentation questions during your consultation.

To find out more about how breast augmentation can change your life for the better,contact Gawley Plastic Surgery at 480-696-6361 to schedule a consultation with on of our experienced Phoenix plastic surgeons.