What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments available. Rather than using cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance, dermal fillers provide a minimally invasive solution to help you look as good as you feel.

Arizona plastic surgeons can help you determine if a dermal filler is the right treatment for you.

These injectable treatments work by plumping up the skin and restoring lost collagen to help reverse signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin, leaving you with a more youthful beauty and virtually no recovery period when compared with plastic surgery procedures.

At our plastic surgery office, we offer our patients both Juvederm and VOLUMA injectables. These versatile treatments can be used not only to restore your youth, but to sculpt and reshape your facial features.

Our Juvederm treatment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and results last up to 9 months. Unlike some dermal fillers, this injectable gel is not animal based and is highly biocompatible, eliminating the need for allergy testing prior to your procedure. You may experience some minor side effects during the days immediately following the injection, but you can resume normal activity in 24 hours.

VOLUMA is a newly approved injectable in the USA that has been used in Europe for some time already. VOLUMA is made by the same company that produces Juvederm, but this treatment offers longer lasting results, some for as long as 2 years, and there is no recovery period.

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