How Does BOTOX® Work?

If you’re a Phoenix-area resident looking for a younger, revitalized facial appearance, you might be curious about BOTOX® Cosmetic. With a BOTOX® treatment, our doctors can eliminate the signs of aging, particularly wrinkles, and leave you with a facial appearance that matches your natural energy level.

If you’re curious about BOTOX®, you probably want to know how it works. Our doctors believe strongly in clear, consistent patient communication.

The wrinkles on your face are caused by muscle contractions. Those contractions are the results of orders sent by nerves to the relevant muscles.

BOTOX® is a medically engineered compound that works by blocking the signals the nerves send. Because your facial muscles don’t receive the signals, they don’t contract. Once BOTOX® is injected into the treatment area, the muscles will gradually begin to relax, smoothing out your facial appearance and eliminating wrinkles.

The end result is a much more youthful appearance for our Phoenix-area patients.

Now, these results aren’t permanent. Over the course of a few months (the specific timeline varies for each patient) the effects will wear off and your muscles will begin receiving the signals to contract again. You can then return for another BOTOX® treatment.

If you’re a Phoenix, Arizona resident and you’re curious about BOTOX®, please contact Gawley Plastic Surgery today.