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Part of having your mommy makeover surgery performed is preparing for life after the procedure. The recovery process is almost as crucial as choosing the right surgeon to perform the procedure, so it is very important you follow all directions during the recovery process.

Phoenix cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Bryan Gawley will help prepare you as much as possible for your recovery, and he will give you specific instructions on how to get the most out of your procedure. Some of the things you can expect after your mommy makeover include:

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You need to make sure that during the days after your mommy makeover, you have someone around to help you perform everyday tasks. The first few days of recovery are important for you because this is the time to rest and recuperate from the shock of your mommy makeover.

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Once you’ve rested for a few days after your mommy makeover, you will be able to return to some of your normal activities. Strenuous tasks like manual labor and intense exercise should be avoided for at least a month, but as soon as a week after your mommy makeover, you will be able to begin light exercise and completing light household chores.


While Dr. Gawley will do everything they can to make sure you experience as little discomfort as possible after your mommy makeover. Unfortunately, a mommy makeover is a cosmetic surgery, and depending on the number and types of surgeries you have, you will experience more or less discomfort.


Many women are under the false impression that cosmetic surgeries do not produce any scars. The fact is, when an incision is made in the skin and is then closed with stitches, a scar is almost inevitable. Fortunately, no matter what cosmetic surgeries are performed with your mommy makeover, Dr. Gawley will place incisions in areas that are naturally concealed by the curves and folds of the body. Over time, any resulting scars should lighten in color and flatten so that they are almost invisible.

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Mommy makeovers are excellent cosmetic surgery solutions for women who have had children, but are unhappy with the appearance of their bodies after being pregnant. If you live in the Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona area and are considering a mommy makeover, please contact Bryan W. Gawley, M.D. Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery to schedule your initial consultation.

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