Which Breast Implant Profile is the Best For You?

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Breast augmentation is not merely about selecting large implants; there are several factors which determine the success of your surgery. During your consultation with our board certified plastic surgeons, you will understand the various factors that define the choices you have during your augmentation procedure. One of the many considerations is the breast implant profile.

The implant profile is the outward projection, as well as the depth, provided by your implants. This affects the amount of cleavage you can achieve post surgery. There are a few different kinds of profiles offered at Gawley Plastic Surgery that can help you reach your desired goals for your augmentation.

Low profile implants

These have the least projection, as the name suggests, and are the best option for those with a wide chest.

Moderate profile implants

These are the standard for implant projection. This breast implant profile is the middle ground where projection of the implants is concerned.

Moderate plus profile implants

These are a step up from the moderate profile breast implants, but the level of projection is not the same as that offered by high profile implants.

High profile implants

These offer the most outward projection of all the breast implant profiles. For women who have a narrow chest diameter, these breast implants are the most ideal.

Which implant profile will be the best for you?

Since each patient has different cosmetic goals, it is not possible to have a standard implant profile. This means that at times the breast implant profile, rather than the size of the implant, will give you better results and vice versa. Additionally, your chest size, diameter and frame will also determine the type of profile and implant size to be used during your augmentation surgery. There are several factors that come into play when deciding on the choices available for your augmentation procedure.

Making the best decision for your surgery

During your consultation at Gawley Plastic Surgery, our surgeons will consider your aesthetic goals and guide you in choosing the right implants for achieving your shape and cup size goals. Understand that it is not simply about considering the CC’s, but also the implant width. You can go over pictures of breast sizes and shapes to make a choice, however, your surgeon will make the decision between moderate plus vs. high profile for you during the surgery to ensure best results.

Usually for someone who has lost a lot of volume due to pregnancy or weight loss, a high profile implant offers the best result. At times it can be too narrow, too big or a moderate profile implant could also be too wide when the volume increases. That is why surgeons at Gawley Plastic Surgery makes the best decision for you intraoperatively to ensure your final result is not a breast shape that is too projecting when combined with your breast tissue.

Most women may believe that since they are petite, they must choose a high profile implant. The width may match, but it may lead to over projection and ultimately an unattractive shape or even bottoming out of the implant when the soft tissue stretches. Book your consultation and learn more about choosing the right implant for natural and beautiful results at Gawley Plastic Surgery today!