What You Need To Know About A Brazilian Butt Lift

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Are you wishing for a butt that turns heads? If so, you’ve probably heard about the Brazilian butt lift. This surgery is becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. It can be helpful to know the details about whether it’s right for you ahead of your consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, so here’s what to know about it and why it may help you achieve your goals.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer procedure that can add volume and shape to the buttocks without implants. During surgery, an experienced plastic surgeon can remove excess body fat from the hips, abdomen, or lower back with liposuction. Then, the fat is processed and injected into the butt for a fuller, rounder look.

Why You Should Get a Brazilian Butt Lift

The biggest determiner of the look and shape of your butt is genetics. Although a healthy diet can achieve a toned body, many patients remain unhappy even after following an active lifestyle for years. In this case, the Brazilian butt lift is the best way to achieve your goals. It can also help clothes fit better and help you feel more confident in your favorite outfits.

Who’s a Good Candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

The Brazilian butt lift is a great option for those who want natural-looking results without implants. You should be aware that it’s not just about boosting your behind; this surgery can make a difference in how you feel about yourself, and people will notice. For a successful procedure, you’ll need to have fat harvested from elsewhere on your body. If you don’t have enough fat in a single place like the stomach for your intended goals, you may need liposuction in multiple areas.

Keep in mind that a Brazilian butt lift only adds volume – if you’re bothered by sagging skin, you may need to explore your options for a surgical lift procedure.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

When considering a Brazilian butt lift, it’s extremely important to research and find a plastic surgeon with extensive experience. The Brazilian butt lift comes with risks like any other surgery, so a board-certified plastic surgeon can mitigate them and help you make an informed decision. Lastly, your plastic surgeon should make you feel comfortable and heard during your consultation, and don’t hesitate to ask questions about what to expect.

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