What is the Tummy Tuck Procedure Like?

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As one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the country, tummy tucks are incredibly safe and highly effective. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, know how to make your tummy tuck a comfortable and successful experience in Phoenix.

Generally, a tummy tuck procedure takes between 2 and 5 hours to complete and will require the use of a general anesthesia. We do perform a few different variations of the tummy tuck to better suit your specific needs, so our surgeons will determine which procedure is right for you based on their individual assessment at your consultation.

At our office, our surgeons will also work with you to explain all of the steps that will be involved with your procedure and to answer any tummy tuck questions to ensure you understand what to expect.

As with any major surgery, you should anticipate some pain, however we make it our priority to help you remain as comfortable as possible and to guide you down a speedy and safe path to recovery after your tummy tuck.

While the tummy tuck is incredibly safe, it is still a major cosmetic surgery procedure that will require a couple of weeks of recovery depending on your body’s natural ability to heal, the depth of your surgery and your overall health before the procedure. The surgery will leave a scar from hip to hip, but our Phoenix surgeons use strategic incision placement so that it can be easily hidden.

The complete results of your tummy tuck will be noticeable after three to six months and can be long-lasting depending on how well you maintain your health.

To find out more about our tummy tuck procedure, contact Gawley Plastic Surgery at 480-696-6361 to schedule a consultation.