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One of the main body parts that patients feel need improvement is the thighs. Thighs tend to accumulate fat more than other areas of the body, which makes many people feel self-conscious. By undergoing a thigh lift procedure, we give our patients improved contours to help them get an enhanced appearance of their thighs. The thigh lift procedure can be done as part of a mommy makeover procedure. This procedure is very popular since it gives patients slimmer legs, improving their proportions and profile.

Benefits of a Thigh Lift

There are many benefits attributed to a thigh lift. The thigh lift makes the legs proportionate to your body overall while delivering slim, firm, and smoother thighs. The benefits associated with a thigh lift are:

  • Reduces Excess Skin
  • Reduces Excess Fat
  • Smooths Skin
  • Better-Proportioned Thighs
  • Slimmer Look

How the Thigh Lift Works

The thigh lift method helps get rid of excess skin and fat that causes the thighs to have an unflattering look. Depending on your skin quality, amount of excess skin and fat, and the location of the excess skin and fat, the procedure will vary.  At the initial consultation, your doctor will complete an examination and discuss the options with you.

Inner Thigh Lift Vs. Outer Thigh Lift

The inner thigh lift involves an incision that is made in the groin area. Excess fat and skin are extracted along the inner thigh. Sometimes liposuction may be used in conjunction, depending on your individual treatment plan. The area from the groin down to the knee is recontoured for a slenderer look.

The outer thigh lift is a more involved procedure. This type of thigh lift typically involves a recontouring of the buttocks along with the outer thigh region. Since this procedure is more complex more tissue is removed.

During your initial consultation here at Gawley Plastic Surgery, we will listen to each of your concerns and discuss your cosmetic goals. Depending on your unique needs, skin quality, overall health, and amount of excess tissue, your doctor will recommend the procedure that will be most beneficial.

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