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When choosing a Phoenix plastic surgeon, it’s never a good idea to fixate on price. “Bargain” plastic surgery can quickly turn expensive, as poor cosmetic work not only puts your health in danger, it must be fixed, often with expensive revision surgery. So you should always pick the best plastic surgeon, not the cheapest.
Still, Gawley Plastic Surgery surgeons understands that cost is always a consideration. We know that many of our patients are concerned with affording their cosmetic procedures.
That’s why our Arizona plastic surgeons are committed to making plastic surgery affordable to their patients. We do that in part by offering financing through CareCredit.
If you’re an Arizona resident who wants to learn more about how our plastic surgeons can help you afford a cosmetic procedure, please call Gawley Plastic Surgery at 480-696-6361.


The simple reality is that your health insurance plan almost certainly does not cover a cosmetic procedure. Every plan is different, and under certain circumstances an insurance company will pay for a procedure if it has clinical relevance; for example, many plans cover breast reconstructions for women who have suffered from breast cancer.
But while you should always check with your insurance company for verification, you should plan on finding other methods of paying for your procedure. This is where CareCredit comes in.
Put simply, CareCredit is a credit card that helps you afford medical and dental procedures insurance doesn’t cover. Our Arizona plastic surgeons accepts CareCredit and works with them.
CareCredit provides you with financing for the procedure. The exact terms you’ll get will be determined by your credit history, the cost of the procedure and your comfort level with various arrangements.
For example, in some cases CareCredit can offer you an interest-free loan with a re-payment schedule of six months.
If that doesn’t seem appropriate to you, CareCredit will work with you to come up with a financing plan that is. Generally speaking, as the re-payment term of your loan increases, so does the interest rate.
You can start the process by clicking on the “Apply Now” icon at the bottom of the page. When you visit one of our Arizona plastic surgeon, we’ll be completely up-front and transparent about the price of your procedure. And we’ll work with you to help you afford your cosmetic treatment.
If you live in Arizona and you want to speak to one of our Arizona plastic surgeon about a cosmetic procedure, please contact Gawley Plastic Surgery today.


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