How Long Does Facelift Recovery Take?

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While our surgeons discuss all of the details with you before you undergo the procedure, a traditional facelift will usually require a recovery time of between four and eight weeks for our Arizona patients.

This is one of the most common facelift questions we receive. We know it’s tough to be away from work or family commitments for any length of time. However, the facelift procedure is an extensive surgery. That’s why it’s so effective.

The first stage of recovery from a facelift usually lasts between 10 days and two weeks. During this time, there will be significant swelling and bruising. You will probably want to rest and relax during this period.

After this initial recovery stage, you will begin to notice significant improvements and a gradual diminution of swelling. At around three weeks you’ll usually be cleared to resume most physical activities, provided they aren’t too strenuous.

Our surgeons will provide you with a detailed timeline before you undergo your procedure. They will also answer all of your questions and address your concerns.

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