How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

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In Scottsdale, Arizona, plastic surgeons use silicone or saline implants for breast augmentations. A question many patients may ask is, “How long will my implants last?” Although implant duration depends on each individual, patients may experience the following:

Duration of 11-15 Years

While some women have their implants replaced after eleven years, some implants can actually last much longer. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) some implants may last almost 15 years after placement. Patients in Arizona may experience a longer or shorter implant life depending on additional factors, such as preference of size or capsular contracture.

Tears or Ruptures

Although implants may last many years, it is important for patients to monitor their implants. In Arizona, patients can schedule MRI’s to identify tears or ruptures. Arizona plastic surgeons may suggest MRI’s every two or three years after surgery to monitor the implants. Some tears require implant removal or replacement, which can then be determined by your plastic surgeon.


Health concerns can also limit implant life. These health concerns include scar tissue formation, capsular contraction and breast pain. Patients in Arizona are advised to perform self-exams to determine the appearance of these health concerns. If patients notice pain, they may need to schedule a follow-up appointment or replacement with their plastic surgeon.


In determining implant life, mammograms offer additional help. Women, maintaining mammogram appointments, can monitor their implant life as well as detect problems as they arise. It is important for women to consider mammograms during the life of their implant.

Patients in Scottsdale can monitor implants as they age; implant age depends on a woman’s body, their plastic surgeon, and the type of implant used. For more information about different implants, expected implant life, and implant placement, patients can contact Gawley Plastic Surgery and visit