How Does Rippling Occur?

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When discussing the breast augmentation procedure with us, many of our Phoenix area patients ask questions about “rippling.” This is a phenomenon in which ripples in the silicone shell of breast implants show up on your skin as wrinkles or folds. Obviously this is something you want to avoid.

There is no surefire way to completely prevent rippling in your implants after your breast augmentation. It is one of the risks of the procedure. However, one way of minimizing this possibility is to get your breast augmentation performed by an acclaimed and board-certified plastic surgeon, as the quality of your surgeon will go a long way toward determining the quality of your procedure.

Breast implant rippling has a few common causes, including:

  • A subglandular (over the muscle) breast implant placement runs a greater risk of seeing rippling.
  • A thin woman with less skin tissue over the implant is usually at greater risk of rippling.
  • Saline implants are at greater risk of rippling.

When discussing your breast implant options with one of our surgeons, you’ll have a number of different factors in mind. If minimizing the risks of rippling is a significant concern, our surgeons might recommend a breast augmentation procedure using silicone breast implants with a submuscular placement.

All of these decisions will be made in close consultation with you and with your best interests firmly in mind.

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