Fixing a Wide “Cleavage Gap”

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Breast augmentation surgery is not always a matter of size. Many people who come to our Scottsdale office to get a breast augmentation are trying to change something about the appearance of their breasts that have bothered them for some time. One of the more frequent problems we encounter is the “cleavage gap”- a wide, unattractive spacing between the breasts that becomes very noticeable when wearing a bikini or low-cut top.

People tend to assume that a wide cleavage gap is either the sign of aging or a botched breast augmentation, but this is not always or even usually the case. More often, it’s a matter of your natural anatomy: having a prominent sternum or a ribcage that is sharply-angled can make the breasts naturally lie further apart on the chest than you might want.

Ways that our plastic surgeons can reduce your cleavage gap

  • Implant placement- Placing the implants in front of the pectoral muscle can improve cleavage’s appearance.
  • Implant type- Patients looking to improve their cleavage might find that silicone or Natrelle gummy implants give them better results.
  • Surgical expertise- Inexperienced or under-qualified cosmetic surgeons often try to fix cleavage with larger implants, but this can actually make a cleavage gap more noticeable. Our surgeons’s qualification and experience with breast augmentation surgery have taught them to tailor each procedure to the specific needs of the patient.

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