Why Cup Sizes May Be Less Accurate Than You Think

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When looking into getting some sort of breast augmentation, most women often think in terms of cup sizes. In the world of lingerie, sizing varies between brands and manufacturers and sizing is anything but standardized. When patients come in for consultations, cup sizes are typically used as a relative measure for the patient’s expectations. Keep reading to learn more about how cup sizes are used in consultations.


Doctors may use bra sizes to get a general idea of your end goal during your initial consultation. However, most doctors will not guarantee you an exact cup size since this unit of measurement has become distorted over the years with different brands running small in efforts to make customers feel more confident about their larger “cup-size”. Since each patient’s body is different, different sizes and types of implants will vary in size on each body and may fill out bras differently.

Choosing Implants

When choosing implants, your doctor will most likely have “sample” implants in different materials for you to try out and sample. Shape and positioning can also have an effect on what bra size a patient will end up wearing once the breasts fully heal. Oftentimes patients will go through a variety of bra sizes during the healing process due to swelling. Your doctor will most likely measure sizes in “CC’s” or cubic centimeters as a way to measure capacity.

Your Results

Once you have had your procedure and have had time to heal, your breasts will most likely go through a variety of changes during the process of healing and filling out. Your doctor will always have your best interest in mind when it comes to the placement and size of your implants to ensure that you are happy and healthy. While it may take a while to figure out your final cup size, you will be happy with how they look and feel when you reach your final result.

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