Common Myths About Breast Implants

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As one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed each year, breast augmentation comes with its fair share of myths and misconceptions that confuse patients about the truth behind the procedure, and the risks associated with it. Below, a few of the most common myths are debunked.

Myth: Breast implants are dangerous.

Truth: While there are occasional issues with implants becoming distorted or hard and resulting in local complications, there is no study linking any type of systemic disease to breast implants.

Myth: Breast implants make mammograms impossible.

Truth: Saline or silicone implants placed under your chest muscles allow for excellent results during displacement technique mammography.

Myth: Women over 50 shouldn’t have breast augmentation performed.

Truth: As long as a patient is in good health and free of breast cancer, breast augmentation can be performed at virutally any adult age. A routine mammogram is required for patients over the age of 35, or patients who have had a family history of breast cancer.

Myth: It’s easy to tell when someone has breast implants.

Truth: When placed by a skilled plastic surgeon, breast implants can look completely natural. Some people choose to make themselves look obvious by focusing on volume and cup size, but most women and plastic surgeons work to make their augmentation procedure look natural and proportionate. Most women with implants never get questions about them, because people never notice.

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