Breast Lift with Fat Grafting for Mothers After Breastfeeding

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After breastfeeding, a lot of changes happen in the body. After pregnancy, breast tissue naturally tends to sag, changing the position of the nipples. The upper tissue flattens due to lactation, forcing the nipple downwards. For some women, this may even cause discomfort.

Some mothers opt to have breast augmentation surgery to restore the firmness of their breasts and the position of the nipples. For those that don’t want to have implants for volume, fat grafting offers an alternate solution. Rapid changes in breast size often cause the tissue to sag, increasing volume on its lower parts, leaving the upper tissues flat. A breast lift with fat grafting is a great way to restore the placement and shape of your breasts.

Fat Grafting in a Breast Lift

Using the method of fat grafting for a breast lift ensures that missing breast tissues are replaced from fat taken from another part of the body with liposuction. A mother may take advantage of this procedure to eliminate excess baby weight by taking out excess fat from unwanted areas, such as thighs, belly fat, underarms, and the lower bra line. The accumulated fat is then processed and used to fill the breasts. Fat grafting has an immense impact as it restores the round shape of breasts and increases their volume. Liposuction helps mothers to regain their body shape, restoring confidence in them.

Types of Incisions

Three different incisions are carried out depending on the breast size and shape and how much lifting is necessary. The periareolar incision involves small lifts that leaves a scar at the end of the areola. For medium lifts, a circumvertical incision is perfect, and its scar is around the areola vertical to the bottom of the breast. The inverted T incision is done on larger lifts; for this one, the scar is left around the areola, vertical, and in the crease. These procedures don’t tamper with milk tissue, allowing the mother to continue breastfeeding after healing.

What to Do Before Choosing this Procedure

Once you are sure that you want to undergo a breast lift, it’s essential to get a certified physician. It’s important to make sure you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon that is well qualified to conduct the procedure you are interested in. This way, you are sure of getting quality procedures and avoiding the risk of a botched surgery. Since it’s a life-changing procedure, be careful when selecting the surgeon.

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