Breast Augmentation and Exercise

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If you are an avid tennis player, runner, swimmer, or weight lifter, you should definitely take this into account when considering breast augmentation. Women who enjoy these sports often develop lean physiques with small or nearly absent breasts and seek out breast augmentation to help them look or feel feminine. If this is you, there are a few additional factors you should consider before getting your breast augmentation.

First, consider your competitive level. If you are seriously competitive, you need to take into account that breast implants might cost you fractions of a second in either running or swimming or affect your backhand in tennis. Typically, this is only a factor at the very highest levels of competition.


Next, consider implant placement. If you are a body builder, your ability to lift weights may be affected by submuscular placement, or your well-developed pectoral muscles may put additional pressure on the implant. On the other hand, the greater stability afforded by submuscular placement may be preferable for a runner or tennis player.

Finally, consider appearance. You want to make sure you get implants that look good, and if the rest of your body is very lean, even moderately-sized breast implants can look out of proportion. Our surgeons can talk to you about this and help you pick breast implants that are the right size for you.

For general fitness enthusiasts and most sports, breast augmentation will make little impact, but you will have to avoid strenuous activity for about four weeks after your procedure. We can guide you to a fitness regime that can keep you in condition while easing you up slowly to allow proper healing.

If you have any questions about breast implants, the best way to get them answered is to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons today and ask them in person.