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For many Phoenix-area women considering breast augmentation, a natural look and feel is their most important consideration. We understand that you want larger breasts, but also breasts that look as natural as possible.

Choosing the right breast surgeon is crucial, as board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Gawley will be able to use his specialized training and experience to provide you with a natural appearance. And now you can combine that experience with Natrelle™ Gummy Implants, which provide an unparalleled verisimilitude.

These “gummy bear” implants are growing in popularity, and Dr. Gawley is uniquely positioned to help you achieve the natural look and feel you desire.

If you’re a Phoenix, Arizona-area woman looking to learn more about your breast augmentation options, please call Dr. Bryan W. Gawley, MD today at 480-842-8606.

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Traditional silicone breast implants have a consistency that’s frequently compared to honey. If you cut open a silicone implant, the material inside will slowly leak through the newly generated tear.

By contrast, a Natrelle™ Gummy Bear Implant has a feel more like jello. Because the silicone gel inside does not “flow,” a Natrelle™ implant cut in half would not lose any of its material.

Of course, that’s a somewhat abstract way of thinking about the difference between these implants and traditional silicone implants. A more concrete way of expressing that difference is to note that a Natrelle™ implant in a vertical position will not lose any of its shape, because the gel inside will not shift. By contrast, the gel in a traditional silicone implant tends to flow downward in that scenario, causing a loss of fullness and (potentially) rippling.

Put simply, Natrelle™ implants are designed to present a natural, youthful and attractive appearance for any woman who undergoes a breast augmentation. They also:

  • Present a decreased risk of capsular contracture
  • Do not suffer from implant rippling as frequently
  • Leak less frequently

Natrelle™ implants can be placed during a breast augmentation in the same fashion as more traditional implant options. They present no additional risks to you, and Dr. Gawley’s years of experience minimize any risk that exists.

Dr. Gawley will be happy to discuss Natrelle Gummy Implants and all of your other breast augmentation options at your consultation.

If you live in Phoenix or any of the nearby Arizona communities and you’re considering a breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Bryan W. Gawley, MD today.

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