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When discussing the appropriate breast implant size for your breast augmentation with you, Phoenix cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bryan Gawley will make sure you are comfortable at every step in the decision-making process. After all, this is your procedure and no one else’s. Your objectives and safety are the crucial factors here. He has years of experience helping the women of Arizona make these decisions.

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Perhaps the easiest way of getting a sense of your ideal breast size is to gather photographs of what you consider an “ideal” bust. Examine what you like and don’t like from these photographs; look at size, shape, cleavage and all the other factors in which you’re interested.

When you come in to our office to discuss your breast augmentation and the proper size for your implants, bring these photographs with you. By showing Dr. Gawley what you like and dislike about the appearance of the breasts in these photos you’ll help us walk you through the choices you can make to bring you closer to your aesthetic ideal.

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There’s an attitude of “bigger is better” among certain people, but it’s not always true. Yes, you’re interested in a breast augmentation in part because you want larger breasts, but size is not the only factor. You want a pleasing shape. And you want breasts that are a comfortable fit for your body type.

Dr. Gawley will always keep your body type and frame in mind when discussing your breast implant options. If you receive breast implants that are too large for your body, you might find yourself dealing with uncomfortable back and neck pain.

Short, thin women with narrow frames are still excellent breast augmentation candidates, but their ideal implant size will be adjusted accordingly. On the other side, taller women with broader frames are more able to accommodate larger implant sizes.


Before choosing any implant size, you should get a sense of the weight and feel of the implant. Dr. Gawley will be happy to provide you examples of certain breast implant sizes so you can become familiar with them. You can do the same thing at home with plastic bags you fill with rice or oatmeal.

We offer extensive breast augmentation galleries you can review for before and after photos. These photos will give you a better idea of what certain implant sizes look like after the procedure.

Whatever you choose, rest assured that Dr. Gawley has the knowledge and experience to give you the breast augmentation experience you deserve.

If you’re an Arizona woman considering a breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Bryan W. Gawley, MD, today to arrange a consultation.

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