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A mommy makeover is a serious endeavor; it consists of a number of different plastic surgery procedures. All of these procedures are commonly performed with excellent safety records, but any surgery is serious, and getting multiple procedures at once is something that’s worth discussing in great detail. If you’re a Phoenix resident considering a mommy makeover, Dr. Bryan Gawley will be happy to have that conversation with you.

Your initial consultation is an excellent time to ask your mommy makeover questions, but we will address any concerns you have throughout the preparation for your procedure.

Here are just a few questions you can ask about the mommy makeover that will provide some insight into the procedure.

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  • Which procedures are available to me?
  • Are my problems best addressed with a mommy makeover?
  • How safe is it to get multiple procedures performed at the same time?
  • How long after my pregnancy should I wait before getting a mommy makeover?
  • What will the recovery process be like?
  • Should I find someone to watch my kids during recovery?

One of the most popular mommy makeover procedures is liposuction. You’ll want to have a good knowledge of the procedure before undergoing a mommy makeover.

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  • I eat right and exercise, but I can’t get rid of these fat deposits. Can liposuction help?
  • Will liposuction be able to treat my specific conditions?
  • Will this mommy makeover restore my stomach to its pre-pregnancy state?
  • How much fat will you be able to remove during my mommy makeover?
  • Is liposuction safe?

Many of our mommy makeover patients who are interested in liposuction also express an interest in a tummy tuck.


  • How serious is the tummy tuck procedure?
  • How many tummy tucks have you performed?
  • What can I expect after my tummy tuck?
  • Is it safe to perform a tummy tuck alongside other mommy makeover procedures?

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list of questions. Whatever your mommy makeover concerns are, Dr. Gawley and his staff will strive to address them in a caring, compassionate manner.

If you’re a Phoenix, Arizona woman considering a mommy makeover, please contact Dr. Bryan W. Gawley, MD today to arrange a consultation.

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