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A tummy tuck is an excellent option for Phoenix-area patients who want a tighter, firmer, smoother stomach. Dr. Bryan understands how important that is to your confidence in the way you look, and he has the experience and skill to safely and effectively perform the procedure.

Dr. Gawley believes that a key to a successful plastic surgery experience is a comfortable patient. And the key to a comfortable patient is an understanding of what’s going on around him or her. That’s why we carefully explain what to expect after a tummy tuck to our Phoenix-area patients, and that’s why we’re offering a brief description of the procedure itself here.

We’re confident that once you know a little bit more about the tummy tuck procedure you will understand why this is one the country’s most commonly performed plastic surgeries.

If you’re considering a tummy tuck in the Phoenix, Arizona area, please call Dr. Bryan W. Gawley, MD today at 480-696-6361.

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There are a few variations on the tummy tuck our Phoenix-area patients can undergo. This page will discuss the traditional procedure. Dr. Gawley will explain how different versions are performed, should you prove a better candidate for one of those.

The tummy tuck is major surgery, but is also comes with a lengthy and proven safety record. During your tummy tuck, Dr. Gawley will:

  • Use anesthesia so you feel no pain during your procedure. We will use general anesthesia, so you should arrange to have someone drive you home from your appointment
  • Next, we will make a horizontal incision below your navel and right above your hip line.
  • Dr. Gawley will then go through this incision to tighten loose and weakened abdominal muscles and remove excess skin and fat. We suture the abdominal muscles to keep them steady and stable
  • If you require similar work in your upper abdomen we will make another incision around your navel.
  • Dr. Gawley finish the tummy tuck by closing the incisions.

Full recovery from your tummy tuck will take a couple weeks, and you will only see the complete results after three to six months.

Dr. Gawley are always happy to answer any tummy tuck questions their Phoenix patients have for them. This is all part of the process of getting you as comfortable as possible with your plastic surgery.

If you’re a Phoenix, Nevada area resident and you think a tummy tuck might be a viable option for giving you a tighter stomach, please contact Dr. Bryan W. Gawley, MD today.

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