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Dr. Bryan Gawley prides himself on providing incomparable value to the patients he serves. Whether it’s on or off the operating table, exceptional customer service from start to finish is the cornerstone of his practice, Gawley Plastic Surgery. “One of our main goals is to create an unsurpassed patient experience from the time the phone is answered to the time the surgical results are in full form” he states.

Judging by Dr. Gawley’s thriving practice, his patient-centered approach is successful – because when people are impressed, they spread the word. “When they get done, and truly realize what a different and special experience they’ve received, they want to talk about it.” says Dr. Gawley. “We’re thankful for that.”

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Of course, first-rate customer service would be irrelevant if patients weren’t equally impressed by their outcomes.  Dr. Gawley combines years of education and experience with a discerning eye and artistic touch to deliver the results his patients have hoped for – and more.  Whether it’s cosmetic or reconstructive surgery of the face, breasts, or body or nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures such as Botox, Juvederm or laser skin resurfacing.  Dr. Gawley emphasizes harmonious natural-looking results. Dr. Gawley uses only fully accredited outpatient surgery centers with state of the art technology and rigorous safety standards in place, so patients can feel comfortable knowing that only the most updated equipment and techniques are being employed. Dr. Gawley’s impeccable reputation and credentials – Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgeryand a number of professional certification and affiliations – speaks volumes. But more than that, his genuine concern and caring bedside manner make him a standout.  “I really love my patients,” Dr. Gawley says earnestly. “Not a day goes by when I don’t look forward to seeing and providing my patients with the caring result they deserve.”

Of all the procedures he completes, and excels at, breast enhancement may very well be called Dr. Gawley’s forte.  “I’m fortunate to have had excellent and comprehensive training in all aspects of plastic surgery”, he says, “but my expertise in breast reconstruction makes me one of the few plastic surgeons in this area that truly offers comprehensive breast surgery.” This includes not only cosmetic surgeries such as augmentations, reductions, and lifts, but life-changing reconstructive surgeries for breast cancer patients who have undergone mastectomies: one of the most rewarding parts of Dr. Gawley’s practice.

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The restoration of self-esteem is as much of a gift for him as it is for the patients he bestows it upon. From the first consultation to the final result, Dr. Gawley treasures seeing his patients through these profound personal journeys with dignity and professionalism – but most of all, heart.


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Meet Dr. Gawley

Phoenix Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Bryan W. Gawley specializes in both cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. As one of the premiere plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the Phoenix area, Dr. Gawley is not only a caring physician but also an artist whose goal is to provide beautiful results that suit each individual’s unique look, shape, and lifestyle.

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