Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

It is not uncommon for most people to be annoyed with unwanted hair, which makes laser hair removal one of the most popular cosmetic laser treatments provided for men and women at MD Skin – The Lounge. Often some procedures may leave you with stubble, bumps or ingrowth, but at MD Skin – The Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona, we offer laser hair removal that is proven to give you smooth and long-term, or even permanent results.

We offer only the fastest, safest and most effective results, and our advanced technique includes a highly experienced team using the gold standard hair removal laser on the market.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Generally, laser hair removal procedures are much faster than other procedures, since each laser pulse targets multiple strands of hair at a time. Removing hair from your armpit will be efficient and brief. Depending on the areas you would like to treat, laser hair removal can make the perfect lunch hour procedure, since patients are allowed to return to work immediately.

Laser Hair Removal Results

The treatment is very precise and does not target the skin, leaving it unharmed or unchanged. It does target the melanin below the skin’s surface and eliminates the hair follicles. There are many reasons why people seek laser hair removal treatments; while most women target removal for their armpits and bikini line, men may opt to target hair removal on their neck or back.

This procedure has amazing reviews and success stories and patients are 100% happy to get their hair removed with such ease. A series of treatments is required to ensure that their hair removal is long lasting and touch up appointments can allow patients to remain hair-free.

Don’t delay if you have unwanted hair in specific parts of your body, contact MD Skin – The Lounge today for your consultation and get rid of that hair for good.

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