IPL Photo Facial

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IPL Photo Facial

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) utilizes specific light to rejuvenate the skin without damaging the surface. These treatments provide a non-surgical option that leads to healthier skin by eliminating pigmentation, broken blood vessels, excessive redness and pore size. IPL Therapy can be used on many areas of the body that have been damaged by signs of aging or sun exposure.

How IPL Photo Facial Works

At MD Skin – The Lounge, we use IPL to deliver high intensity pulses of non-ablative light to the deep layers of skin. During treatment, a cool gel will be applied to the targeted area and then light pulses are administered, which is often described as a rubber band snap on the skin. Generally patients can tolerate this minimal pain and there is no downtime required post-treatment.

Benefits of IPL Photo Facials

After just one or two treatments, you will notice a more even skin tone and a naturally younger look and feel to your skin. Most imperfections will begin to fade and continue to improve with each treatment. This is a great non-invasive option to eliminate the red and brown spot imperfections.

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