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3D Dermaplane at MD Skin – The Lounge

3D Dermplane at MD Skin – The Lounge provides a safe and effective treatment to exfoliate the skin, reducing the appearance of skin imperfections. At our Scottsdale location, we provide a signature dermaplane technique with a three-step process, which includes dermaplaning, a diamond peel and a light chemical exfoliation for optimal results.

Our skin care specialists recommend monthly dermaplane procedures to achieve a healthy and vibrant appearance. This non-invasive treatment provides immediate results with absolutely no downtime, so you can enjoy your daily activities after treatment. During a consultation, patients and our skin care specialists can decide to receive the dermaplane treatment alone or in combination with other skin treatments to increase their results.


Dermaplaning is a simple shaving of the epidermis, or the outer layer of skin, which carefully removes unhealthy, damaged skin cells with a special dermaplaning blade. This process prepares the skin for the chemical peel solution.

Diamond Peel

Next, a diamond peel treatment provides patients a comfortable and non-invasive way to exfoliate and clean out the skin pores. This treatment is similar to microdermabrasion, which is often described as a vacuum for skin imperfections.

Chemical Peel

With careful consideration by our skin care professionals, chemical peels are optimized solutions specifically formulated to resurface the skin. Chemical peels remove the damaged epidermis and trigger collagen growth to improve hyperpigmentation, texture and skin impurities, and fine lines and wrinkles.

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  • Exfoliates
  • Smoothes skin
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines
  • Improves skin imperfections

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